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VALENTINE'S DAY 2014: 1500 'LADYBUG' , 500 'VALENTINE' , 500 'BURNINGHEART' and 21 'GOLD' Powers Release!


At around **5.30pm GMT** Tom2 was online to release 2 powers in the Stores.

First off, the newest power, 'Ladybug', was released.

1500 released costing 275 xats . LIMITED!


The release went very slow, with users possibly getting up to 10! (took 30 minutes). There was a reason for that, however ... (scroll down for reason)

The price on TRADE is currently 280 - 320 xats , so you've earned yourself a little bit of profit there! 



Just like for the past 3 years, Tom2 also decided to re-release the limited power Valentine. Hurray! And for a cheap price, as well!

500 released costing 1500 xats 

This power was far more profitable, with the price on TRADE currently being between 2600 - 2800 xats. Not much difference, right? People managed to buy between 3 - 5 as the release went very slowly, so a huge profit for you guys!

Many users are currently stocking up on the power, with a few having 40+.

Update 1: SOLD OUT! (6.00pm GMT)

The price on TRADE is 2600 - 2700 xats.

Update 2: (Saturday) The price has increased slightly to become around 2700 - 2850 xats. Recent history will tell us though that this power will drop in the next few days ...  

FINAL UPDATE: Whilst not as popular as the BURNINGHEART power, the price has stayed at around 2600 - 2700 xats. 


EXCLUSIVE: Tom2 has hinted a possible re-release of BURNINGHEART ... another expensive and profitable power.

Next ...

To the desires from many users, at **8.00pm GMT** Tom2 released some GOLD powers into the store ...

21 released costing 50,000 xats

The price on TRADE has not changed much, with it still being pretty expensive at around 54,000 - 55,000 xats.

UPDATE: The price has now increased to become 55,000 - 55,200 xats. Whoosh! 

Finally ...
The rumours were true, and possibly the highlight of the day ...

At around **10.30pm GMT** Tom2 made one final release, having a return of Burningheart into the stores!

500 released costing 1,000 xats each.

Wow, is that cheap or what?!

The price on TRADE had quickly dropped down to around 2500 - 3000 xats, so a decent profit there! Some users were able to buy 3 , so presumably the release went quite slow, just like Valentine.

Update 1: SOLD OUT!
Users were selling for scattered prices, but the average price was around 2800 - 3200 xats, so around 2000 xat profit for each power bought in the market. 

Update 2: (Saturday) The price has quickly increased to become 3200 - 3600 xats on TRADE.
(price before the release was 3800 - 3900 xats)

FINAL UPDATE: (Tuesday)  
It's been a couple of days, and the price has stayed at around 3400 - 3600 xats. We are pleasured to confirm that many users who bought this power have profited quite alot of xats. 

Happy Valentine's Day!
If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment. Any screenshots (appropriate) would be ideally accepted. If it's an emergency, please type /f89694323 and wait for me to be online.

- Aisha  

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