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Doodlerace BOT Glitches...?

Hey guys!

Yes, the DOODLERACE craze is still going on, and for the next few days we'll be posting updates and the latest news from the power and the game itself!

This morning, I went on xat_test where I had spotted the BOT leaving due to the fact that 'nobody was active' although a few of them were!

This had occurred during the game. Obviously, this surprised the users, who had not told the BOT to leave.

Do you think this was a glitch? Leave a comment if you know the answer, it would help and we could report it in the 'GLITCHES' page coming soon to the blog...!

Glitch Update: It's been reported of another glitch. When some people are playing DOODLERACE, it doesn't actually show they're playing! It then appears for a few seconds before not showing again!

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