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x321 WHIRLFX Powers at Auction NOW! (Final Updates)

Hey guys!

I was also sadly not available at the time of this release, so I'm a little confused, but xat had announced on their @Twitter that there were more WHIRLFX powers that had been released into the Power Auction ...

321 released into the Power Auction at around **6.30pm GMT** and lasted until 9.30 - 10pm GMT (duration was around 3 hours long)
The minimum cost started at the price of 200 xats

The reason I am confused with the announcement was because I'm not sure if they just added another 321 Whirlfx powers, or because something did actually happen so that the 1,000 before didn't get through...?

The price on Trade before the release was at the cost of 1100 - 1200 xats . It was most likely because the minimum cost of the last Auction ended at a very expensive cost!

Update: Auction has now finished! Xat have officially confirmed that there will be no more releases until the Weekend!

Note: The next release will take place on Saturday , so make sure that you come prepared just in case!


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