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x1500 WHIRLFX Powers at Auction NOW!! (Constant Updates)

Hey xat users!

Guess what?! Today is Saturday , and that means that more WHIRLFX powers are going to get released into the Power Auction today...!

Xat announced how they are planning to release the bunches of WHIRLFX Powers on @Twitter. The following is shown below.

6000 will be released by in 24 hours. This means that the Final Set of WHIRLFX powers will end on Sunday afternoon! (tomorrow)

The first bunch got released at **1pm GMT** into the Power Auction .

1500 released starting with a minimum cost of 200 xats each! The duration of the Auction will be 6 hours long .

This makes total sense as there will be 4 releases of x1500 being released! I hope you understand now how it's going to be laid out!

In conclusion , there will be a grand total of 7000 WHIRLFX Powers to be released on xat!

So, what do you think of the power and the Auction now? Still interested? Well, just a minor warning that the minimum price from the Auction will probably end at a very expensive price and then drop hugely on Trade! 

Share me your thoughts on the new power and the Auction system by leaving a comment below! Don't worry, I know you have some awesome opinions to share!


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