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LONDON 2012: 50 GOLD Powers at Stores NOW! (Final Updates)

Hey guys!

Well, it looks like 42 gave in to everyone demanding the GOLD power to be released again into stores. After all, we never saw it since the Power Auction at the start of June!

It came when everyone on xat_test (mainly Carbon) kept asking 42 for the power to be brought out, as users could make some profit for it being 53,500 - 54,500 xats on Trade!

Anyhow, the release took place at 6.45pm GMT at the same time as OLYMPIC had been released, costing 50,000 xats .

The price the day after rose to 52,000 - 53,000 xats as it is still a popular power.

So, did you buy GOLD to celebrate the games? Make sure you leave a comment!

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