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Xat Malfunction Glitch

Hey guys!

A few days ago I had a weird problem when trying to get on xat. It had a report page saying my security was bad!

Note: I wasn't able to provide you an image of what it said.

However, what I did manage to find was to show you a little form of evidence to show you that a problem had occurred ...


Did you manage to spot the difference through two of the images I managed to show you? 

Apparently this was an error that almost everyone had experienced. I find this out by asking a few other people, and they had told me it didn't work.

Update: Xat announced what the problem was...

What do you think about the problem? Were you one of the users who experienced it? Don't worry, it got sorted a few days ago! However, make sure you leave me a comment and let me know below this post!

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