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MOUSTACHE (Power 186) Has been Released!

Hey guys!

Yesterday , (Sunday Afternoon) xat released Power 186 which was known as MOUSTACHE into the power store!

Below is the smiley in different sizes! 

BIG VERSION: Credit to @xatworld as I used their smiley generator!  

INVENTORY: Appears like this when user has it in their powers page! 

ACTUAL SMILEY: What smiley looks like when you post it on the chat! (Credit to  L337 (3333333) for helping me with that!) 
 Here it was released in the store. It was released at the price of a very cheap 100 xats .

Hopefully many users would be able to have enough xats for this power! Also, it is unlimited so you can buy it anytime if you desired so!

Don't listen to me... I still need to tell you the Function to this stylish power!

MOUSTACHE lets you add different styles of Moustaches onto any smiley. The following you can add are as follows...
(moustache) (moustache1) (moustache2) (moustache3) (moustache4) (moustache5) (moustache6) (moustache7) (moustache8) (moustache9)   
So, what do you think of this new power? Seems pretty good for a power that's very cheap, but that's just my opinion! Let me know yours by leaving a comment below!

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