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DOODLERACE Guide... (Hope it helps!)

Hey fellow xat users!

I've done some investigating into the DOODLERACE power that released late on Saturday, and I have figured out what it does!

First off, you don't need the group power Bot to use the power. 

Note: Xat have released on their Twitter about the list of chats that are currently using the DOODLERACE app / power. You can see what they said below!

Want to know an easier way on how to check? Go onto xat.com (Official homepage and click the following below!

It will look like this...


Psst, if you look very closely at the top, you'll see that xat made a typo! They put 'liswt' instead of 'list'. This is not a fake image by the way, haha. Did you also notice it?
Anyway, it will also work if you go on Featured / Popular chats and it will show the chats who are also playing it in the same format. Anyhows, I'm going to pick xat_test since that's an official testing chat and it seems busy...

Step 1: To start the doodlerace, you go on the GAMES app and it will be there...

After you've done that, type in !bot on the main chat and the following Bot will appear as shown below...

Does the bot seem familiar to you? It will be the same bot for every chat that uses DOODLERACE.

Step 2:  The bot will start with a certain word, just like 'DRAW MY THING' (Search Wiki) for more info.
Step 3: It will have the following word shown to you on the top left, (it was 'truck' because it was a different one when I managed to get the doodle working) but 'truck' will be replaced with whatever it is you're meant to draw for that round.

It will also start counting down from 3.

If you look on the top right, you will see a countdown. You have 2 minutes to try and draw for every round 

TIP: Make sure you don't get pressured by the timer, because most of the time almost all the user have enough time to draw and complete excellent drawings!

If the clock reaches 0 and you still haven't completed your drawing in time, then sadly it will still count and could affect your score!

Step 4: The following screen will show below on your left hand side...

Your screen will be bigger than the other users. It will say 'waiting for other players' before the timer starts. You can use the down and up arrows to look at other users. You will be able to see other users drawing at once (shown on the left) which could give you influence on your own drawing!

Step 5: It's rating time , so make sure you get your critic face on, it's time to be harsh to some certain users! (even your friends) I will explain to you how it works once you see the image below...

You can only rate between 1-5 starts, so you have to give at least 1 star! If you look at the top, it will say that I rated 1 user's doodle out of the 9 that had entered. The more doodles you rate, the more users it will say you have rated.

Final Step: The bot will decide the Top 3 users on the main chat. If you look on the left, it will say at the top who won, and what rank you were out of how many players! If you look on the left of the app, you can see what rank all the other users had, as well as their ID.

After that, in around a minute or so, the bot will start again with a new object.

Note: There are certain commands you can give the bot, you can look at the Wiki for more info.

So, that's all! Sadly I am still figuring out how to actually doodle, as it won't let me, but it's most likely probably a Glitch. I think it seems really cool, though!

What do you think? Have you tried this yet? Are you going to try it if you haven't? Remember, it's a group power , which means that it can be assigned and all users can use it! Sweet, huh?!

If you have any questions, please send a comment below this post and I will get back to you as quick as I can (:

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