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Hey guys!

Yesterday, we found out that Power 187 was called WHIRLFX and that it was going to be released through Power Auction during the next 24 hours.

Here is a guide to tell you exactly what happened!

1st release - x1500 released starting with a minimum cost of 200 xats each! The final price was 750 xats . The price before the release was 1200 - 1300 xats because of the high price it finished at!

2nd release - x1503 released starting at a minimum cost of 200 xats each. I'm not aware on what the final price was!

However, the price during this Aucton was at the cost of 650 - 750 xats . Demand was lost.

3rd release - x1512 released starting with the same price once again. With this release, it stopped at somewhere like 380-400 xats .

Final Release - x1536 released starting at a minimum price of 200 xats each. The final price was 300 xats .
The current cost on Trade is around 380 - 400 xats , so if you've played your cards correctly, you should make some form of profit.

There will be no more releases now. Also, I've noticed that xat have been sneaky with us, as they had released 6050 instead of the regular 6000 . They've also done that with the power ZIP , where a total of 5500 released instead of the announced 5000.

Anyway, did you buy yourself a WHIRLFX power? Leave a comment to let me know your thoughts about the power!

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