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BLACK FRIDAY 2015 ... 1 Day Left: Gossip, News, and More!

It's been around 6 weeks since I was last on Trade, but I've managed to take a look at what's been going on and as usual the 'Black Friday fever' has taken across Trade with several Powers having their price dropped, and as always, a few inparticular Powers have been the target.

Let's start off with that Black Friday is for those that aren't sure:
"Black Friday" is a 'Shopping' tradition which always takes place the day after Thanksgiving Day. It is an American "holiday" where many locals queue up to get the best possible bargains for products. It usually symbolises the first day for Christmas shopping as well. (Near December) Of course, as name suggests, it ALWAYS takes place on a Friday (lol?). However this occurs on the last Friday of every month (usually the 28th November)

As usual a week before tomorrow Powers start to drop. Here is a list of the powers which have been mostly affected:
Was: 24300 - 24500 xats
Now: 23200 - 23400 xats

Was: 9850 - 9900 xats
Now: 9500 - 9700 xats

Was: 53000 - 53500 xats
Now: 51500 - 52500 xats


So, the yearly question - What will xat do this Black Friday? Well, I have been taking coverage and we've had all sorts: Power releasing in stores , Power Auctions , gambling to win Powers 75% off , Powers re-releasing via Banners ... so of course we may be up for a recycled method this year, but who knows?!

Stay tuned for coverage regarding 2015's Black Friday ... not to scare anyone but who knows, it may just be the last coverage that this Blog does.

Also, we are looking for people to provide screenshots for this event. It can range from Powers releasing to people gossiping, anything is appreciated! All you have to do is either leave a comment here or find me on xat! /f89694323

Happy Thanksgiving!

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