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Xat EPIC Power #07: 'BIG' Power! (ID 355)


On Saturday 42 decided to come up with a 'Revolution' regarding Powers. The most desired, EVERYPOWER was going to become even more expensive ... here's why.

The new power is called BIG. It is very similar to the (size) Power awhile back, but with more restricted use. You could say it seems "useless". However, facts don't lie, and this power is deemed EPIC.

The power was released at around **4.00pm GMT+1**

So, the question is why was this power introduced? Well, Everypower is currently around 250,000 - 260,000 xats ($500), and there are around 200 users seen with it. Perhaps the Admins decided to release another 'Epic' to make Everypower less affordable and bring more desire into it...

100 released costing 5,000 xats. VERY LIMITED!
According to xat, this is supposed to be the rarest Power ever, given it's the only one with the description as 'Very limited'.

Unlike many recent Powers, this has indeed raised demand and affected the Trade Community all around. A few hours later, the price for BIG reached 15,000 - 20,000 xats. Wow!

Be sure to check the post above for updates regarding this new power!
- Aisha

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