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New Power 'RANDOM' ?


As well as seeing power ID 269 , TOM2 was also on xat_test this afternoon testing something which could be related to the newest power, 'Random'.

Here, TOM2 was seen sending random messages counting up in numbers from 1 - 5.

Follow through our testing coverage below ...


Tom2 was testing if the smiley was showing for everyone by asking on the main chat, which shows that it IS going to be a power!

Update 2: Function? It's possibly been confirmed as it changing to random smileys after each message has been sent, which explains what TOM2 was doing!

So, what do you think RANDOM is going to be? We'll be sure to post further updates soon, such as the smiley and the confirmed function.

Be sure to leave a comment if you have any questions or new info for us! :-)
- Aisha 

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