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Power ID 269 = 'DIVORCE'


One of the upcoming powers will be called 'DIVORCE'.


UPDATE: 42 with the power!


No other information has been clarified about this power. Credits to TypoKing (527217448) and Martinngoodman (976108702) for letting me know about this.
UPDATE: Today, (friday) DIVORCE was confirmed to be this week's power with the smilies now showing.

Here is MIHAY with the power:

The price on TRADE is around 500 - 1500 xats , but should release tomorrow. We are not sure yet what the status or price of the new power will be, but what we do know is that it is a smiley power.

UPDATE 2: At around **6.50pm GMT** TOM2 was online and he put the new power in the Stores, meaning that it is close to releasing. Once again, he gave out another hint ...

and then it was in stores ... however not yet released.

A couple of minutes later the power was released!

1000 released costing 250 xats . N.B. 1 PER USER!

CREDITS: Special thanks to Paul for the image.  

The power is now currently LIMITED .


Users were able to get 2 - 3 between them, and once again those users managed to grab profit, as the price on TRADE increased to become 300 - 350 xats.


Now, earlier in the post we had stated that this power was indeed a smiley power . However , although there is a Banner showing them, we decided to show you the 'chat' size of the smileys, along with the codes. 

Here are the smileys in order from left to right:
(divorce) (divsplit) (divring) (divnolove) (divm) (divf) (divbreak) (botf) (botm) (brokenheart2) (dhammer) (sadflower)  

Note: There is now currently 1 power in testing. They are the following:
FARM (ID 268)
- this power will be released this weekend, most likely a LIMITED power and was given to volunteers on Thursday Evening.
Release date - Saturday 18th January 2014

- this power was only confirmed today. Apparently works like (marriage) but has bonus smilies with it. Most likely will be unlimited.  
Release date - Friday 24th January 2014
- only TOM2 and some Volunteers have this power. It posts a random smiley after each message is sent. 
Release date - N/A

Be sure to leave a comment on your opinions on (DIVORCE) below!
- Aisha  

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