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'COOKING' Power - FINAL Release & Updates.


This post will indicate the final updates on the release of the newest power, 'Cooking'. As everyone knows, it is a limited power, so ...

Question 1: How many COOKING powers were sold?
Between 4000 - 5000 were released, but the exact number is rumoured to be around 4160 COOKING powers, so a good investment.

Question 2: What was the price in Stores?
200 xats.

Question 3: When did the new power release?
COOKING was released between every 5 - 6 hours, within a near 24 hour period.

Question 4: Was it profitable?
Slightly, yes. The price stayed at around 250 - 300 xats , then dropped to 200 - 220 xats , and since it was SOLD OUT it had increased to 300 - 350 xats. However the price has settled down a bit to around 250 - 300 xats.

Question 5: How many selling / buying?
Quite a few people are buying, but the majority are selling. The power is quite hard to find, as the number sold proves it.

Question 6: Will anyone try buy it in future?
Who knows. This power is a bit like (feast), and it all depends on the profiter. But because of how many were sold, it's most likely.

Question 7: Can I have some Screenshots?
Of course! Sunday morning:


I hope this answered your future questions. If you have anymore, please leave a comment and I will try to answer it on the Blog... :-)
- Aisha

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