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Power 278 - 'TONGUES' Release! (20 GOLDS too)


This afternoon the new test power was released and spotted. This weeks number is 278.

The price is currently 1,500 - 2,500 xats on TRADE. 

At around **11.00am GMT** , the new power was released. Earlier it had been confirmed to be named 'TONGUES'.

1000 released costing 290 xats each. LIMITED!

The price is around 300 - 320 xats for every release. Currently there have been 4 releases, with around 3000 in total. There is a Banner declaring the time. Remember, it is also 1 per user.


Also, more GOLD powers were released. 20 were in stores, meaning the demands and price has dropped even more!

The current price is 53,000 - 53,500 xats. It is most certain to be released once again next Saturday at the same time.

Also, last week there was an update to the Allpowers requirements. Instead of 114p, it is now known as 118p. 4 new powers have been added which are the following:

Trade price: 150 - 170 xats 

Trade price: 180 - 220 xats
Trade price: 150 - 170 xats

Trade price: 170 - 200 xats

Average value (4 powers)
600 - 700 xats  

The following changes to the ALLPOWERS itself:

Allpowers 114p (PREVIOUSLY)
20,000 - 21,000 xats

Allpowers 118p (NOW)
21,000 - 21,500 xats

Alot of demand has been lost though, since the 99p Allpowers set. This is because new powers are now constantly being added at a faster rate!

- Aisha  

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