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Our rumours that we posted earlier were correct. For the first time, xat has returned Easter into the powers store!

 I'm guessing xat have decided to celebrate Easter this year by releasing the power, which they didn't do last year for some reason...

The time of the release was at 10.30am GMT .

1000 released starting at the cost of 800 xats each, just like the Irish Power, before being dropped in price to a price and then being Withdrawn. This means, if nobody buys the power at a certain price for a while, it will automatically be taken out of the stores...

NOTE: Wanna keep in date with the latest updates from the Easter power? Just follow and read the updates below! 

Update 1: The price of Easter before the release was around 500 - 550 xats on Trade. Not many users were selling the power. (10.51am)

Update 2: Easter is apparently dropping 6 xats every 10 minutes. This could take some time... (10.54am)

Update 3: The price in store is currently 788 xats. There are 996 remaining (10.54am)

Update 4: We now here that the price drops 5 xats instead of 6. The price still drops every 10 minutes! At this time, the price in store is 766 xats! (11.32am)

Update 5: The current price on Trade is between 450 - 500 xats. Alot of users are trying to sell for 500-550 xats, with users buying for 450 xats. Also, Pulsefx has now been dropped to 330 - 350 xats due to the release of Easter. (11.33am)

Update 6: Easter is bang on the price of 600 xats in the stores. There are 952 remaining! Because of the price, it has dropped to 450 - 485 xats on Trade! (4.45pm)

Update 7:  PULSEFX UPDATE: The power hasn't seemed to release since we last posted about it. Perhaps it won't release anymore...? There have been currently 6000 released on xat. The current price is 375 - 400 xats. (5.07pm)

Update 8:  ALL SOLD OUT! The final cost was 400 xats as it did not drop any lower. We don't know what time currently, but we will inform you when we are aware of the time.

Did you manage to get yourself an Easter Power? If so, try and get yourself some profit, I'm sure you'll be able to!

Happy Easter!     

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