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Reverse Power Has Been Released...!

Hey guys!

At around 8pm GMT last night, xat made Reverse available in the stores for everyone to buy...!

The price reached a big 500 - 600 xats when it had been limited , but now it has become unlimited costing 200 xats!

Below has the information about the Power ...

Name of Power: Reverse
Power Smiley: 

Release Date: Sat 21/04/2012 8pm 
Status: unlimited & group power
Price in Store: 200 xats
Price in Trade: 190 - 195 xats
Function: Reverse is a fun kind of ban that when you are reverse-banned by another user, you end up talking backwards! A rather annoying one, if you ask me... but, it also gives you a reversed pawn, which is cool! See our previous post(s) for details!
What do you think of Reverse? Have you decided to buy it now, or have you already bought it before? If you did, I hope you sold it, or you'd have lost some xats!


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