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PULSEFX In Stores NOW! (4th Release & Contstant Updates)

Hi guys!

At 5.20pm GMT xat released the fourth set of PulseFX powers into the stores...

1000 released costing 300 xats each, just like all the other releases that have happened so far...

The price was still trying to recover from the last release, where it had dropped to 380 - 400 xats , but may have a risk of dropping even more like the 2nd release in this case!

Keep checking below to keep in time with all the latest updates on the 4th release

Update 1: After this release, there will be a total of 4000 PulseFX roaming around the world of xat. There's still enough of an amount for users to profit from! (5.28pm)

Update 2: The price while PulseFX is still in stores is around 330 - 360 xats on Trade! At this time there are around 600 remaining! (5.28pm)

Update 3: Alot of users at the moment are selling for 350 xats, with a few traders going, 'pulsefx in store for 300 xats' , but I'm sure everyone is aware of that now...! Thanks! (5.34pm)

Update 4: Users are buying 'ALL' for 320-330 xats each, but there are still users selling for 350 xats each! At this point, there is less than 100 remaining! (5.39pm)
Update 5: SOLD OUT! The power sold out quite quickly, as it was an average of 400 xats before the release. Hope you got yours! (5.40pm) 

Final Update: Users are now trying to buy the power for '350 xats each'. The price at the moment is 350 - 400 xats!

If you managed to get one, you had some luck, as you can now attempt to get yourself a little profit!

We've also reached 100 posts for 2012! Yay (:


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