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Fuzzy Power In Stores NOW! (5th Release & CONSTANT UPDATES)

Hey guys!

Yes, before this release and the first release, there were 3 more releases of the Fuzzy power!

At 8am GMT xat released the 5th set of Fuzzy powers. This time, we did manage to get an image!

1000 released costing 200 xats each!

Before, the price on Trade was 250 - 300 xats, but it is now around 200 - 205 xats mainly because of the current release.

Like said above, there has now been 5,000 released in total, with more releases yet to come!

How many did you manage to buy? I think I got around 10 in total, because of how slow it went out of stock! Let me know by leaving a comment! Also, if you like the design I made for giving updates, then let me know as well! This is to make it clearer!


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