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BLOBBY Powers In Stores NOW! (6th Release & Constant Updates)

Hi everyone!

I came on xat at 4.50pm GMT to see that another bunch of 1000 Blobby powers had been released .

The price was already down as it already was, becoming 330 - 350 xats. It has now gone up to become 340 - 350 because it is currently in stores for 350 xats, but it won't last very long.

Update 1: The demand for Blobby has completley gone now. When it was in testing, the demand is so high, but now nobody is buying it in the stores or on Trade! (5.29pm)

Update 2: There are still 671 remaining , and I'm sure it's way over 2 hours by now! Just like with Kduck and Kat, it's most likely that Blobby is going to be withdrawn from the stores! (5.30pm)

Update 3: Thanks to information that was just received to me now, the release for Blobby began at 10am GMT , which means that Blobby really has failed! (5.40pm)


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