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Reverse Power, Final Updates...!

Hey guys!

I've managed to get the information that we couldn't uncover yesterday! If you're interested in finding out, then look at this post...!

At 12.30pm GMT I decided to go to xat_test to see if there were any changes to Reverse , and fortunatley, there was!

42 has finally managed to add the smiley for Reverse . It is shown, below...

Note: This is what the smiley will look like on the main chat. Below, is a
larger image of Reverse . (sadly, I couldn't find the animation)
42 was earlier on asking users who had it to test Reverse , which means he's looking to see if the glitches from yesterday are still there...

That's now everything you need to know about the upcoming Reverse power...! Many of you are wondering whether it will be limited or unlimited , and below is what I think it'll be...

Reverse will be an unlimited power and will cost 150 - 200 xats in the stores. This is because they've already released 3 limited powers in a row, and 4 is too much! Also, the demand is not high enough to limit it...

So, what do you think of the power? Now that you know enough about it, do you want to buy it? Let me know your opinions!

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