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Things starting to Raise again!

This time last year, Fade finally rose from 2900 xats to 3900-4100, and Clear was dropping to 3850 xats to raise to a huge 4950 - 5050 xats!

Diamond had also eventually risen back to the price of 3200 - 3500 xats...! 


Spaceban is starting to get very popular again, reaching the price of 950 - 1050 xats from 800 - 850. Manga also, as it was 900-950 xats, and now it is currently 1050 - 1150 xats...!

Fairy keeps raising and dropping, but went up from 1800-1850 xats for buyers reaching 2000-2050 xats!

Gag is having people buy between 950-1000 xats, whereas it was 900-920 xats before. Diamond was 1050-1100 xats at somepoint, and is now 1000-1050 xats again, but is attracting more buyers.

Clear rose up the most, as it was from 2975-3000 xats, to now 3150-3250 xats!

Finally, Fade has risen from 1300-1350 xats to now 1400-1500 xats! 

  • If you are more patient and are confident that the power is going to raise in a few weeks/months time!
  • Want to gain some extra xats, (profit) 
  • Think that you want a pretty good deal, and sell it fast so you don't lose IF it does raise.

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