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New AishaSites Member Voting System!

Hello guys!

I am pleased to introduce the new way into becoming a Member to the official AishaSites chat, as well as signing up as an Author to the blog!

Just like the Help chat did a few years ago, we have brung in the Member Voting System! This is easier than it is on Help to try work for, but it is still difficult. Here are some questions you may want answered...

How does voting work?
The system is pretty easy. Our experienced members of staff will look closely into your actions, and they may temp mod you to try you out, (owners only) and if you are excellent with your progress, you will receive that vote from the specific member of staff.

Is it easy to get a vote?
No. Even if it is simple and easy to get 1 vote, you still need 2 more votes, which are most likely not going to be as easy to get.

What if that staff vote for me because I'm their friend?
They will be either sinbinned / temporarily demoted, or that will just be accepted. However, you also need a vote from a Main, so if this happens, and you are irresponsible, then I will not vote you for a Member, and you will never get the rank.

Who has to vote for me?
It can be the following...
1 Moderator
1 Owner
1 Main Owner
2 Main Owners 
1 Moderator
3 Owners
Take caution that none of the following options are easier from the others, but you may choose which ever one suits you best. If you choose the option because your friends are the staff, they will be a Member instead, and you must grab votes from other respective staff.

How can I get myself into the voting system?
All you have to have in your name is the following, either [0/3] [0/2] [0/4] so then I can also know what option you are going for. OR you can just leave a comment leaving your xat registered name and ID and I will friend you and discuss further terms there. 

What can I benefit from being Member?
  • You will stand out in front of alot of users, as Member is now a hard and respective rank to recieve on the chat.
  • Members can earn temp Mod if they show they are mature and responsible. Member rank highly increases the chance of getting it. After few temps, you may be promoted to perm Moderator.
  • You can then participate in the voting system, once you are responsible enough.
  • There will be certain priorities that others won't have below your rank!            
This is a more recommended way into becoming a Member, instead of just becoming an Author. Author members will not ever recieve perm Mod, unless they take some participation time into this new voting system.

If you are ever interested, feel free to contact me in any way. This is an optional choice, but for those who want Member, you must now take the following path set out here...!


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