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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

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Xat Login Glitch!

We thought it had all gone away yesterday, but it seems that the glitch has happened again...!

I went on xat this afternoon, and tried to login, but it had blocked me out, saying this message instead:

You are also not able to get on to the xat powers page! Before, if you had logged into xat, you would lose alot of your xats / days and powers! When you have to Trade, you need to login to xat before you can complete it, so therefore more people would lose their xats, as 300+ people hangout on Trade every DAY!

The Help chat has got over 5 tabs, and for the first time in its history, it has gotten not only so more than 3 tabs, but it has overtaken Trade on the official popular list!

 I was on Glory Club, so that was a total of 5 tabs altogether...!

Have you been one of the people who have experienced this glitch? If so, leave a comment below and I will try and help you out!

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