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Power 172 Currently In Testing! (Confirmed as TYPING) *UPDATED*

Hey guys!

I went on xat this afternoon, and I had seen that the testing for the new power has now begun!

As you can see above, xat had last night confirmed that power 172 will be known as Typing!

Have you seen anybody with Power 172? If so, leave a comment and let me know who it was, and where it happened! 

**NOTE** We will post further processes and updated information below, so make sure you keep in track with this post! 

Update 1

The new power 'Typing' now has a smiley! Check it out!

It is a pencil that is writing next to your pawn...!

Update 2

Apparently the function of this power is there will be a little pencil writing on your pawn to show when you are currently typing, such as the following shown below...

Update 3

**NOTICE** There is currently a glitch with the new power. It is not a bad glitch, unless you bought it yesterday. Everybody is able to use the power, with a few users assuming that it's a free power!

Here is the evidence we gathered as it to being a glitch...

** IMPORTANT NOTICE** The new power only works at the Official Xat chats Trade and Xat_Test. Before you try it, you should know this. Nothing will happen to your xat account for using this glitch, so don't worry about being too protective.

^ **Glitch Update** On the Trade chat, the glitch only works on the Pool called 'Divine City', which is the main pool on Trade. I don't know why.

Last updated 6.16pm GMT Time@

This is all the information about Typing , and no more functions will be added to this power!

We are not sure when the power will release, but is sure to be later today. Also, we don't know whether or not the power will be limited or not. We will add a new post decribing the release tomorrow morning, so be sure to check it out!

I think that the Typing power seems really cool, just like (Away)! What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know your ideas! 


  1. I LOVE the new power Typing! This seems like a cool idea 42! This power will be useful for users to see who is active on the chat and who isn't. I'm sure buying it when it's been released!

  2. I tried the typing power, and it had worked out pretty well. can't wait until it releases into the stores!

  3. i don't like the new power.
    wats the point? nobody's gonna look at your pawn to see when someone is typing or not.. lol -.-

  4. typing seems good.
    I hope its not limited, i really wanna buy it, so I also hope it's cheap too!

    thanks for all the info aishasites! this blog rocks! :D

    1. Thanks for the kind comment!

      Haha, I'm sure it won't be limited.

  5. when is the typing power going to be released?!

  6. Does the typing glitch still work? i never even knew it had even happened xD lol

  7. please tell us when the typing power is going to release in the stores!!!

  8. how long is it gonna be!!!

  9. cooldude7356354624 March 2012 at 10:30

    I think xat are going to try and release powers like this to help staff on other chats.

    for example, they put away to know if anyone is actually active on the chat, and now they're going to release typing, which is to see if anyone is typing a message or not. what next?

  10. nice blog
    i voted on the poll cuz this has been useful
    im gonna come here more often!

  11. so typing is power 172..
    thanks for letting me know! ;)

  12. I didn't know typing was power 172.. xD
    thanks lol


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