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MOVIE 3rd Release...!

Thanks to Carbon, he gave me all the information on Movie's 3rd release...!

Apparently, 2000 were released at 11.30pm GMT Time and it cost 260 xats each! The price a few hours before the release was between 375 - 425 xats, and had been 270-280 xats in the store!
At around 6AM GMT Time (Sunday) , there were only 800 remaining!

Xat had to withdraw it when there were around 300 remaining at 9am GMT Time, and had re-stocked another 2000 costing 250 xats each, which is the release going on at the moment! (get all your info there).

That means there are now currently 6700 in total on xat! (Including the 4th release). Thanks for all the useful information, Carbon!

Did you manage to get yourself a Movie power? Leave a comment and let me know...!  

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