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School Power Released!

Hey xat lovers!

Yesterday, Power 141 was released into our stores at 6pm GBT time and is going to be unlimited in the stores for 48 hours!

 Note: Even though the power had just been released, not many were bought for between 15 minutes to an hour! People were buying the price at 250 xats the lowest, and it reached between 350-400 xats! Gradually overtime, more got bought, and the demand is now less, so the price is 200 - 220 (original price)

The power is called School, and it will be a limited power. The price of the power is at 200 xats each. In order to purchase the power however, you need to complete the quiz first. The quiz is once again about scamming (third time now), and like with the Matchban quiz, we'll give you all the answers!

- The quiz this time is much harder than it was last time. Most questions are the same, but some can catch you out quite easily!
- There are 39 questions in total. If you get one wrong, you need to restart the quiz all over again. Otherwise, you won't have the power...
- Once you complete the quiz, you are able to purchase a School power. For each School power you buy from the store, you need to answer all the questions correctly in the quiz.
- You need to select your language before you start the quiz. Only if you're NOT english

Here is the link to the quiz: http://util.xat.com/quiz/?r=1&idx='Your ID Here'

NOTE: We will only show you the questions in the quiz that were DIFFERENT from last time. For the other questions, check the Matchban Released post!

Yesterday me and a few friends had a problem when buying the power. We had completed the quiz and got all the answers correctly, however we were still not able to buy the power. The cause was the Internet Browser we were using. Here are the following that works: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer (must be newest edition) Google Chrome does not work, as it says you need to complete the quiz again, even when you have done it. If this does not affect you, then you do not need to read this! Hope it works for you! (:

None of the other options are very serious, and they are pretty dumb options. The second option would've been 'Your xat ID number and name', depending on who you're giving it to. The e-mail however, people can try and hack into and then change your xat pass or steal your account.

Look at the link of the page. You can tell It's a phish site, plus there's no such thing as getting free xats, days or powers.

Just by your e-mail adress, there are many ways that people can try and access into it, even if they don't know your pass! It's less likely to happen if you just type in your username...
You can see that there is a red box where the other user has put in their offer. This means that they have changed the offer while you were typing in your password. ALWAYS CHECK BEFORE YOU CONFIRM! There is usually a red box when you click 'Accept trade' but before you click 'Confirm trade'. Also, the offer was supposed to be 2,000 days (26,000 xats), but they put the days in the xats column, so they were trying to buy Purple for 2,000 xats, when it is actually worth 24850 xats!

Always remember...
There are lots of ways and attempts that scammers can use to try and scam you and get a good deal. This is one of the most obvious ones. If someone hardly has any powers and looks like a noob (new person), then you can tell that It's a scma, but don't 100% assume it, as some people don't scam, just sold their stuff. If you would like to know more scams, check our 'How to avoid being scammed' page for more info.

Anyone, even your bestest friends, can betray you at some point, especially if they ask something personal like that. Never give your e-mail pass to anyone unless they are of course, someone incredibly trustworthy, like a member in your family. People online you should not risk something like that with.

They may say that they need your xat account to give you the powers. (Option 4). They may also be able to get access into your e-mail if they are clever enough and steal everything from there, (Option 1). The point of the scam is to take all your powers, days, and xats or whatever you have precious to you on your xat account, (Option 3). Therefore, the answer to the quesiton is obviously (Option 2)

 NOTE: There are only few people who come on xat and are actually Admins, but just to make sure, put your mouse on the pawn of the person you are checking is a staff admin or not, and it will say (NOT xat staff!)


A few friends of mine asked me for the answer to this question, as it was pretty complicated, and even though I know the answer, I have to admit, It's the hardest question out of the bunch. .jpg, .gif and .png are all used for pictures. .gif are used for Animated pictures usually, and the others are so they can be accessable to Tinypic, YouTube backgrounds, etc. The other option does not exist, therefore if you accept the file that the user has given you, It's most likely going to be a trojan, virus, keylogger, etc and you and your computer will be at risk.

Congratulations, you have completed the quiz! Hopefully, this has helped you a bit more on how to avoid scammers!

Like the Nerd power, the School power comes with school themed smiles. Here are the smilies in order from left to right! (school) (backpack) (daycare) (gts) (punished) (rubber) (schoolgirl) (sbell) (studying) (tabsc) (teacher2) (writing) 
  •  Check out our contest page for a mini task for you to complete! 
What do you think of the quiz's that xat are doing? Are they helpful, or are they just over-doing it a bit too much? What do you think of the School power and smileys? Comment your opinions below, and don't forget to answer our poll!

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