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Xat Power 144 is Away Power!

We can now confirm that the new power xat is going to release on Friday will be number 144 called the Away power!

I found this out because the person who I'm married to on xat, (Becky) won a test power from someone called Brians contest! She told me all about it:

My reaction was quite strange, as I was pretty surprised to see she had a test power, as she was not a tester, haha. (: Note: The power with the red box around it is what the new power is going to look like!

Here is what we can gather from the new power...
  • The power is going to make a release in stores this Friday
  • It will be an unlimited power!
  • The power will not be sold for less than 2500 xats, and buyers will not buy less than 1000! 
We can not confirm what the power does, but here is a rough idea on what me and a few people think:

"If you have not been active for more than 10 minutes, the pawn will automatically activate. OR, if you activate it and type a certain code to have it as your pawn, people will know that you're busy!"

What do you think? Let me know!

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