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Peace 6th Release

Sadly, I wasn't able to be on when it happened, therefore I have no picture.

A friend told me today that power 145 called Peace, released last night. 1000 more released at 200 xats each, 1 per user every 3 minutes! No quiz required.

The Peace power is still currently limited. It now costs 200 - 230 xats on Trade, therefore it is no longer a good power to profit from. The power is most likely going to be unlimited this week, but we can't be certain.

NOTE: I apologise for the false information that xat weren't going to release anymore Peace Powers, I was not entierly sure. I can now not say whether or not the Peace power will keep releasing. I can say that there are around 8000 Peace powers at the moment!

More updates will be posted every time we gather some new information on Peace, so keep checking our blog! 

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