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Look at this!

Hey guys!

Do you know how people always have 1,000 of a power? Well, I have a picture of a few with 1,000 or more of that power. Do you find it silly? Let me explain why they do it!

People usually try to raise a specified power that they would like to be up by buying at least 500. This is to make the other users on the chatroom know the power is 'up' like they want them to. Some can even make it past 1,000, as they are so rich. The power eventually raises by 200-300 xats, depending on the user. Here are some examples...
Unknown has over 1,300 Shocker. He originally started buying when it was at 450 - 500 xats. (Shocker was a bad power in 2010) He then bought to make it 500 - 550. Eventually, he made it 700 - 750 xats for a few weeks. Someone then sold 200 and dropped it to 600 - 650, and now it is back to 700 - 800 xats. A raise of 300 xats for him.

Ary has now 1,146 Easter and is still buying more. Easter was a bad power, and nobody was interested in it. Ary started buying when the price was 300 - 330 xats. It then became 500 - 550 xats. One day, it became over 1k! Then yes, dropped back to 450 - 550 xats. Now people are raising more (Luis has 265) and the price is 650 - 800 xats. A raise of 400 xats for them.

Veso had recently started buying the Nerd power about a fortnight ago. Nerd was 200 - 220 xats at the time, but he started buying to make it 215 - 235 xats. (Nerd was 250 - 270 but dropped). He then started buying incredibly high and the price now reached 275 - 315 xats. He has 1,100 of the power. Here's a picture...

So what do you think? Is it worth it or smart for people to be doing this? This is just another fun random thing I want you to tell me. (: Best answer gets 50 xats. Remember to include your ID.
Note; The 50 xats prize task ends at the end of the month, however all comments will still be allowed. You must be able to play xat to participate, and the comments must be as detailed as possible. (30th September 2011 expiry date)

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