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x1000 CLAUS Powers Released!

Hey guys!

A few minutes after we posted that CLAUS was in the stores, the power releases!

x1000 released costing 200 xats. LIMITED!

Yes, that's right everyone, this is yet another limited power, and as 42 hasn't given much information about the release, it's most likely going to be like TREEFX ... but I guess that's good news for us profiters, right?!

A pretty cheap price if you ask me! Anyhows, this power is surely going to be a huge profit as users are already paying 300 - 400 xats at Trade! This is getting ridiculous!

Although the demand is getting very popular, as it is only 1 per 4 minutes the power is taking a while to grow out of stock!


If you were lucky enough, you should have been able to have bought 2-3 . If you weren't able to though, you were pretty unlucky. Why? Well, I'll show you in the image below!

**Note** - Further price updates won't be posted until TOMORROW . However, the price on Trade is currently 600 - 700 xats .

So, are you going to now buy yourself a CLAUS power because you realised it's profitable? Hopefully 42 will give us more information about the power... but wait , what if it's going to release every weekend like TREEFX ...? I sure hope not , because the prices will go extremely high and will be unfair for many users!

Got any questions or comments about the release, power, function or anything related to this weeks news? Make sure to leave a comment below @this post and you could be replied to within 24 hours and could possibly receive 30 xats!

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