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BREAKING NEWS: x500 TREEFX & x500 CLAUS Powers at Stores NOW!

Yes, as today is Saturday most of us were expecting and looking forward to another TREEFX release... however we received a surprise!

At **1pm+0 GMT** 42 released TREEFX and CLAUS into the stores at the same time !

x500 TREEFX and x500 CLAUS released costing 1,000 xats each! N.B. PRICE WILL DROP!

Yes, that's right, both powers started at 1,000 xats.

Unlike the other releases, you are able to buy x10 of each power, which is a benefit for ones who want to try and profit!

  • CLAUS was 600 - 700 xats on TRADE and rose quite alot because 42 didn't announce anything about the power and it's release!
  • TREEFX was 1200 - 1400 xats after last weekends release, but has now dropped under 1k because of the current release.
Many users have been able to profit because of these festive powers, which hasn't been successfully done for the last couple of months now! (EXCLUDING DROP)

  • TREEFX drops by 23 xats every 9-10 minutes.
  • CLAUS drops by 24 xats every 10-11 minutes. The price drops around 30 seconds after Treefx's price drops down.
  • DON'T buy the power on Trade as both powers are expected to sell out at low prices, therefore they won't be so profitable as the last few weeks.

14.24pm - **SOLD OUT**
The final price finished at 800 xats , with the power selling out in less than 90 minutes

14.53pm - TRADE Status;
The price is currently 850 - 900 xats on Trade, so as you can see within 3 weeks the power has now dropped under 1k, but still profitable and fairly expensive!

FINAL UPDATE (6.52pm) -
The price has settled down to become 800 - 850 xats . 

16.10pm - **SOLD OUT**
The final price finished at 561 xats , although I was only able to get a screenshot of it being at 585 xats!

FINAL UPDATE (6.51pm) -
The price has now finally settled down and it is currently 550 - 600 xats on Trade, so not much of a change there!

Did you manage to buy yourself a CLAUS or TREEFX power? If you couldn't, don't worry, as there should be more releasing tomorrow, but NO GARANTEES!

Leave a comment below for any questions and comments @this post.


  1. When do you think treefx will release again?

    1. As x500 TREEFX powers had released this afternoon, there'll most likely be another 500 releasing tomorrow. However, the time and price is not yet known. I cannot promise any guarantees, so you'll just have to sit tight and hope xD


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