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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...


The following news has been detected by Aisha with some help and has been posted on the Blog! Read if you wanna know more!
If many of you have noticed , around **6pm+0 GMT** I went on Search and Powers on xat and found this banner...

The banner is black and it also has a black pawn with the message saying , "Are you ready?" This could possibly mean are we ready to see limited powers re-releasing ...

If this is the case and the hints 42 are giving us are true , then this means there IS a  

Note: Like last year, this blog will be the one and only blog to publish EVERY power release with EVERY image, with CONSTANT screenshots and updates of the latest drama on xat.com/Trade . We will try and give a much possible manual 24/7 news feed on the blog, and we'll link it to try and let as many users benefit as possible! We'll also grab some of the buildup too.

This is getting big , and as we've already had so much drama over the last 2 Black Fridays, so of course we all know what to expect. However, it's taken longer for the post-Black Friday excitement to take effect, happening only a few days before.

If you're wanting to know what's happening before the possible Black Friday starts, through power prices and users, then here's the part to read!

NAMECOLOR is now currently 9100 - 9400 xats as EPIC powers are once again being most affected. Take a look!

CREDIT: Special thanks to Teek (185027901) for providing me with the picture.

PURPLE is taking the most effect after dropping from the finally anticipated 24200 - 24400 to the currently 21500 - 22000 xats . That's a shame!

Unlike last year, GOLD has dropped but it is still profitable at 50500 - 51000 xats , so be careful there.

The other huge power to drop alot is BOOT , which has gone down from 8k to 7000 xats.

Check below for updates on the current power prices. More will be added by tomorrow afternoon.    


6700 - 7000 xats
9000 - 9400 xats
21000 - 21700 xats
7800 - 8100 xats

We're currently not sure whether or not Thanksgiving will be re-released or not , but if so, we know that this is the trigger to the talking Black Friday 2012. THERE ARE NO GARANTEES THAT THIS IS TRUE!

However, you can see from the images below that people are realising what the Banner means...

And so , that concludes the following post. With all this information given and traced, are you convinced that Black Friday 2012 will happen? I think it will, but I'm a bit suspicious as to why Thanksgiving has not re-released ... oh well!

Be sure to let me know your opinions and questions about the so called 'Black Friday 2012' through commenting on this post!

Oh, and I almost forgot ... 


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