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x500 TREEFX Powers Released!

**NOTE**: You now have to wait until next saturday to purchase TREEFX from stores!

At **11.05am GMT+0** 42 released the last bunch of TREEFX powers of this week.

x500 released starting at the cost of 1,500 xats each!

Unlike the last release, the store price has risen by 1300 xats because of the demand throughout yesterday. (rose to 2500 xats!). However, luckily the Price will drop so you will be able to get it cheaper.

I also got good numbers for it remaining!


N.B. Price has been dropped by 37 xats and it is now 1,463 xats in stores! However, people are buying it for 1600 - 1700 xats on Trade.

Final Update: SOLD OUT! (11.21am)

People are now buying the power for 1850 - 2000 xats , so hope you managed to buy yourself one!

Sadly there won't be anymore releases until next Saturday, so if you were unlucky enough to buy one, then don't worry, it will be out soon!

Did you buy one, or did you expect it to drop very cheap? Leave a comment to let me know!  


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