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WEEK 2: x1000 TREEFX Powers out NOW!


At **5.15pm GMT** 42 released more TREEFX powers as it is Saturday and the power was due to release every Weekend.

x1000 released starting at the price of 2500 xats . N.B. PRICE WILL DROP!

This of course, sparked alot of reactions from everyone on xat as they had not expected it to be released this late!

Why is the price so high? Well, because of the demand and how expensive it's been recently, 42 decided to take this to his advantage.

Price dropped to 2436 xats! That was a decrease of 64 xats . Perhaps it will drop every 10 minutes by that price.

Either way, around 60 users had bought the power before the price had dropped. Shows how demanding it is, huh?

6.05pm -  
Cost on Trade has kind of dropped now to 1850 - 1900 xats . Further price updates posted in 3 minutes time!

The final price dropped all the way down to 1158 xats and when there were less than 100 remaining the power sold out in mere seconds!

The price on Trade has gone UP to 1500 - 1700 xats .

The cost of TREEFX has now gone stable and the current cost has stayed at 1200 - 1400 xats with less demand compared to the last week. There is now a total of x2000 TREEFX powers on xat!  


Did you buy yourself a Treefx power this week? Remember, after this release there won't be any further releases until next Saturday - Sunday .

Hope you got one! 

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