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Orgal's Power Review #2 - Lang

Hey guys Orgal here!

This is my second power review and this weeks post is about the recently released Lang

This power is not about looks itself. It is about how it changes your chat and boy does it change your chat a lot if you want it to... As you can see from the image above a lot of the default text has been changed. This includes PC, Powers and even the rank status. This just really confused me.

No smilies involved as its a group power but its default smiley is nice.

In store this power costs 2000 xats. Some will argue its worth the price but I'm one to differ. I do not think its worth the price for what it does as its more annoying than a help.

Overall Rating

3/5 - Nice that you can edit your chat to how you like but to me it just confuses everything so no thank you!

Thanks for reading!
Another review next Saturday


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