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x500 LANG Released!

Around **3pm+0 GMT** 42 released another bunch of LANG powers into the stores!

x500 released costing 2,000 xats each!

Last time the power was quite profitable as it rose to 2400 xats, and because of this it sold out quite quickly. However , this time was NOT the case!

Hardly anybody is buying and it's now under store price! (4pm) Here are a few images for you to see what's going around on @TRADE.

That was only a couple of minutes after the release, however. Watch what happened as time slowly passed ...

And only 1 person has decided to collect some , but he is most likely going to keep them and lose some xats!

So, that's about everything you need to know! The price is now currently 1900 xats and dropping, below store price, and only 1000 released! Spacewar alert! xD

For details on the Function of LANG, make sure to check out our previous post(s)!

Until then, Take care! :)

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