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Ho Ho Ho! Power 204 is 'CLAUS': Official Guide!

Ho ho ho!

Last week, 42 had started to get into the festive Christmas spirit by releasing the TREEFX power, (ID 203) which was LIMITED and turned very demanding / expensive.

Yesterday, however, we spotted Power 204, which left few of us wondering what would happen this weekend as Treefx is supposed to release every week all the way up to Christmas Day!

The good news is that today, we now know what the upcoming power is, and that it will be released soon!

Here's our usual Guide!

First off, is the name. Hense the name 'CLAUS' , it's going to be our second christmas power within 2 weeks , and it's only NOVEMBER! Yes, that's what I was thinking too... Thanksgiving is coming up later this month, let's worry about this!


The smiley for CLAUS is shown to you below;

It is just me or does this power look fairly familiar to the Christmas power we had last year, which was known as SANTA?

2011 Power: The Christmas power that got released last year!

See what I mean? I'm probably dumb for thinking that, haha! xD

Anyways, I was lucky enough to catch someone on Trade with x2 of the new power!

A little obvious, but just like the SANTA power, it comes along with 'Santa claus smileys'. The following are shown below;

(claus) (clcool) (cld) (cleek) (clgrin) (clmad) (clsad) (clsmile) (clsweat) (clwink) (clx)

The power comes with x11 'Santa claus smileys' 


5.49pm - 2 users on Trade are attempting to sell the power for 2000 xats as they know the power is close to releasing, but nobody wants to currently buy!


6.00pm - The power has been uploaded onto the xat Wikipedia , which means the release is getting closer and closer...


So, that's everything you need to know about the CLAUS power. Obviously we know it's going to be released this week, and I think it will be another LIMITED power, which could turn interesting...

What are your thoughts? Do you like this power? Is it too similar to 'SANTA'? Leave a comment to let me know!

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