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Xat Trade Video coming soon...!

Hey guys!

This is a very important post, so please can everyone who goes on Trade spare a moment of their time and read this post, as it will cause great benefit for you in the future.

It's been happening for several weeks - months now, and I want to get everyones approval, especially the Owners and Moderators on Trade. 

What's been going on?
People have been sending reports that people have scammed or have broken the rules. This is the right thing to do when something like this happens, BUT there's one problem... We're not getting ENOUGH proof!

This may either be that they report the problem by just saying it to a member of staff, with no image required, or they may send a screenshot, that doesn't have the person's ID (Identification Number & Registration name) which means we won't be able to know who the person actually is, and will remain unbanned.

The most common problem, which mainly I have been getting, is people reporting scammers, who change the price of the Trade, but it doesn't have a red box in! The red box shows you that the person has changed the price, but that only happens after you've typed in your password and clicked 'Accept Trade'.

So what are you going to do about it?
 The video that I'm going to make will explain to you why the screenshots that everyone sends me can result with them not becoming banned, as well as what you can do. It will tell you what the picture or video, (whatever you're reporting) must include, which is the following:
Must have the person's ID number and registration name, so we know who they are.
A red box to show that the person has updated the following price when trading with them.
A screenshot or video the right size to view the conversation and the trade box
You and your trader both confirming the price of the Trade!

If you do not have the following shown above in green, then your proof is not sufficent enough to ban the scammer / person you are trying to report.

If we get enough members of the Trade staff to confirm this, then I shall make a video for it by 2012. If not, then we will try and find another way in order to get this message across.

Thank you for reading and your co-operation, and for us all, I hope that our staff work will be much easier and less tiring! (:
NOTE: Please comment if this is a good idea or not, I would love to know.



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  1. I agree that there should be a video made about scamming, and to let people know just how to deal with the situation, as well as providing enough proof.

    I know that I've made this post, but I am a member of staff on the Trade chatroom, and I am happy to share my opinions in the comments box! I hope you also feel the same too, that something should be done without having to ban or tell people that it's not good enough all the time.


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