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Kchick power released!

Hey guys!

Last night, xat released their newest power, called Kchick!

 This power is limited and costs 350 - 400 at the moment on Trade. 

Xat like to release powers differently, and kchick is a power they're releasing differently too... Check what they posted on their twitter last night!

Between 2,500 - 3,000 Kchick powers were released costing 200 xats each. We're not sure how many per user people were able to buy yet but we will tell you as soon as we find out!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We do not know when the power will release again, as xat have promised the power to be released at random times. The last time it released was most likely between 7-9PM GBT time.

Power Description:
1. Kchick comes with gkaoani themed chick smileys: (kchick) (kccrying) (kcdizzy) (kceek) (kcglare) (kclook) (kcsad) (kcsmug) (kctongue) (kcwink)  

2. The power is also a group power. Only users with subscription days will be able to use this power when assigned to a chatroom.

3. For a limited time only, you can use these Halloween themed pawns when you have the Kchick power!

Ghost: (hat#hg)  
Pumpkin: (hat#hp)  
Scythe: (hat#hs)  
Frankenstein: (hat#hf) 
Mummy: (hat#hm) 
Bat: (hat#hb)
Apple: (hat#ha) 
Candy: (hat#hc) 
Tomb: (hat#ht)  
Cauldron: (hat#hd)
Pumpkin2: (hat#hr)  

What do you think of the Kchick power? Let me know! 

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