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Carve Power Released!

The most unexpected thing had just happened on xat...!

Yesterday, xat released Power #147 called the Spooky power, which was originally supposed to be limited, but not is unlimited!

At 6PM GBT Time, (Saturday)  xat released power #148 called the Carve power. Unlike the Spooky power, this power is limited!

Here is a picture of the Carve power:

This power costs 400 xats in store, and xat have released around 2,000 of this power at the moment, according to one person. The price was 800 xats earlier, but now reaches the price of 500 - 600 xats.

This is one of the first times since powers started releasing in 2009 that xat have released two new powers in a week!

We'll keep updates with you later on!   

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