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Six Power in Store RIGHT NOW! (Final updates)

Xat have finally done it.... they've re-released the limited power Six into stores to celebrate Halloween!

The limited power "Six", a power that hasn't been released since summer 2010 and has almost hit the mark of 10,000 xats...!

1,500 Six powers were released at 6.20PM GBT Time starting at 10,000 xats each! However, xat have said something that is pretty confusing...

 So I decided to ask Christina what it meant, and she replied with this:
So far, nobody has bought the power and it has been 5 minutes already...! Could this mean that the Six power release could become a fail?

Haha, I guess this was xat's happy Halloween present for us all, or a great Trick to scare everyone and annoy them who already had it...!

Please read the following updates below to keep in track with the releases...

UPDATE 1: The power has now dropped to 9862 xats (6.30PM) which is 138 xats it has reduced by.
UPDATE 2: Because the Six power has been released, the Purple power has been dropped to 24,400 - 24,600 xats, and the Namecolor power has been dropped to 9,800 - 9,900 xats! Get yours now before the power raises again!
UPDATE 3: The price has now been reduced to 9,724 xats, and still nobody has bought the Six power from the store yet. We can now confirm that the power drops by 138 xats every 10 minutes!
UPDATE 4: Someone finally bought the first six, and at 6.45PM, half an hour after the power was released! The price is still the same... (:
UPDATE 5: Price has dropped to 9586 xats, and people are now desperate to sell their Six's they already had for 9000 xats, as well as Purples and Namecolors!
UPDATE 6: Only 2 Six powers have been bought altogether in total, with the price having dropped to 9448 xats!
UPDATE 7: Six has now dropped to 9310 xats and still only 2 were bought in total. Six is now being bought for 7000 - 7500 and sold for 8000 - 8500. You can now start to see that the power is dropping / failing.  
UPDATE 8: Price is now 9172 , and still nobody else has bought Six since last person. 
UPDATE 9: The Epic power Purple is starting to slowly go back up, (24600-24650) while the Namecolor power price is still the same, but is starting to grow more demand. (7.25PM)
UPDATE 10: Six power has been dropped to 9034 xats, (7.30PM) and people who already had it are struggling to sell. Also, people are now buying Namecolor for 9750 - 9800, and there are still 2 Six powers that have been bought out of the 1,500 since it released over an hour ago...!
UPDATE 11: 1 more Six power has been bought @9034 xats!  (7.34PM)
UPDATE 12: Six has finally been dropped under 9k and is now the price of 8896 xats! (7.40PM) . I am going to stop doing this for now, but you get the general idea. 1,497 Six powers are still remaining! If there are any really important updates then we will get you posted as soon as possible!
UPDATE 13: The Six power started selling rapidly at 11PM GBT, and when it was getting close to 6,000 xats in store. Also, this is the time when Americans are returning from school, while sadly people in UK are beginning to sleep.
UPDATE 14: SIX POWER IS SOLD OUT OF STORE! The price was 5,860 xats and it went out at around 12.00AM GBT, and is now costing between 6500 - 6700 xats on Trade!
FINAL UPDATES: The Purple price has risen back to it's original price, which is 24,750 - 24,825 xats, while Namecolor's price is still down... (9,930 - 9,970) but it's surely to go back up when the demand is higher again and not so focused on Six! 

Get your Six power now @http://www.xat.com/powers before the power is withdrawn! 1 Six Power per user!

What price was Six before?
Six was between 9000 - 9300 xats before the power was released. It was a sudden release with no given warning, and Trade were shocked. However, Six doesn't have such a popular demand as Angel, but is the second most expensive power on xat!

Is it worth buying despite being so rare?
It depends on how much you want the power, but it's going to take a couple of hours before the power drops below than the price it was on Trade. However, I wouldn't recommend buying, instead I would set my eyes on the Namecolors and Purples that people are so desperate to sell cheap!
Mini Fair Trade Guide...!
Purple = 24,400 = 24,600 xats  Recommended Price: 24,500 xats
 Namecolor = 9,700 - 9,850 xats Recommended Price: 9,800 xats

Six = 7,000 - 8,000 xats
Recommended Price: 7,000 xats

Hope you managed to obtain yourself a Six power, and have a great Happy Halloween! (:
~ Aisha 

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