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Xatblogs' contest revealed!

Hey guys!

We're sorry for the late post about xatblogs competitions winners being announced!

What was the contest?
The contest was that people were supposed to come up with a ban game. (E.g. Spaceban, Matchban, Snakeban) 

Pictures of the power were also supposed to be included, and people had around 3 weeks to give entries. Users were able to post as many entries as they wanted! The first prize was boot + a test power 2k worth, second Angel, third fade and second Heart.

Who was the winner?
The winner was a ban that involved you getting out of the maze! For more details, including the picture, check out xatblogs! You can find the link for the competition results on xats twitter, which is also included on this blog! Sweet, huh?

Did you enter the xatblogs contest? What did you apply? Comment here!

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