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Bot Power Last Update!

We've just managed to uncover the last bits of information we need about the bot power before it's due for release:

1) The Bot power is said to be xat's #150 power.
2) We suspect that only a few Bots will be around xat, due to the abuse like the Boot power, which reaches the price of over 11k.

We're not sure yet whether the power is going to be limited or not, but a few people think it will.

Xat have changed the picture for the new power. This is what it's changed to:

42 has currently made 4 smileys for this power. There are currently 9 smileys. They are the following...

Here are the following which have been made, from left to right in order: (bot1)(bot2)(bot3)(bot4)

There are still 5 more smileys that 42 needs to make, before he can decide the price and how the power is going to release. It is still currently in testing and is due to release either today or tomorrow.
Our next post will explain about when it was released, and how profitable, etc it is, along with the smileys!

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