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Xat Power 146 Confirmed!

Hey guys!

We've just confirmed that xat's new power 146 is known to be the 'Kchick' power!

We're not sure whether or not this power is going to be limited, and xat haven't updated anything on their twitter yet, but we've got a good idea on what the power will be like...

"Kchick power will be a non limited group power costing around 200 xats. Chick smileys for all to enjoy. Only people with subscription days would be able to use this power. It'll be based on Kpeng!"

Pl ease note that the information about the power is not confirmed, its just a general idea. The price right now is 1000 - 1500 xats, and is due to be released in stores either today or tomorrow, must likely today (Friday)
NOTE: Powers usually release between 4-9PM GBT Time. This post was made at 6.30PM and the power is still not released. However, I recommend that you DO NOT buy the power!

Do you like the new power? Let me know!

NOTE: The Peace power that xat released 2 weeks ago for 200 each is still a limited power. Some people think now that the power will actually stay limited, though people still believe xat will release this power as unlimited! The price of this power is 200 - 210 xats, and there are around 8000 Peace powers on xat. Like always, we'll keep you updated and post whenever something changes. For the meantime, we're going to confirm that the Peace power is limited as also xat have not released anymore Peace powers. Thank you! (:
Cost eachQuantityor check Description Please read carefully!
Peaceful smilies
Unavailable, try trading


Peace themed smilies. NOT LIMITED. See wiki for details

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