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KDog Power NOW in store! (Final Updates)

Xat have finally released xat's #149 power, also known as the limited power called KDog!

The power released at 6PM GBT Time, and is in store until all is sold out.

Do you remember when xat used to release powers at once, starting with a high price, and then dropping? They've done it again! Now powers may not fail so much as Stoneage, Nerd, School, and Spaceban!

7,000 KDog powers have been released at once, costing 600 xats each! The price will drop, so don't buy YET!

UPDATE 1: In just 2 minutes the store has sold 250 KDogs altogether, and the price hasn't dropped!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Xat have updated on Twitter that the KDog price will drop to 300 xats! However, almost 500 have been sold, (6.20pm) and the price hasn't dropped yet!

UPDATE 3: The price has dropped to 595 xats in the stores! (6.30pm) and we assume that the power is dropping 5 xats every half an hour! 

FINAL UPDATES: KDog sold out at almost 9PM GBT Time. It was being bought rapidly when the price reached 320 xats, only 1,288 were remaining! The final price it sold out was @320 xats, despite the power able to drop to a limit of 300 xats!

The price was 400 xats, and now it has dropped to an average of 350 xats. 7,000 were sold as a reminder, and no more will be sold!   

What does KDog do?
This power is not a group power, like the Kchick power, but comes with similar smiles to all the other K / GK powers! Gkaoani Dog smileys! (coming soon)

We'll keep on updating you with the information, so please keep on checking!

Get yours now at: http://www.xat.com/powers

Did you know?
Did you know that all the GK powers other than Gkaliens and Kchick have had this release? But only 1 has been profitable.

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