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NEW Power 321, 'RETRO!'


Today at around **2.30pm GMT** this weekends power, also known as ID 321, was confirmed to be called RETRO.

This power is going to be LIMITED, although no other information is currently known, other than it is expected to be released today ...

Here is a screenshot of someone having the power:

So, what is this power? Well, compared to many of the powers we've recently had on xat, this one is actually pretty cool ... although some of you will say it's unoriginal.

Ever seen the film, Wreck it Ralph? Well, this power technically is similar to it, re-designing some old powers / smilies to give it a 'retro' look. Here are the smileys below:

Smiley codes will be posted in a few days time, or you can check the xat Wiki.

Just some of the powers represented there are (gkaoani) , (allpowers) and (gkaliens) , so you can see why people will think this!

So, what are your thoughts on this new power? Will it have alot of demand? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!
- Aisha

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