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GOLD Releases ... The FINAL Straw!

Today is dubbed 'The Final Straw' due to GOLD nearing itself to going under Store price on Trade , the last time that happening was over a year ago!

If you remember, the last time GOLD was down it was 50,800 - 51,100 but then increased to 56,000 xats. Because of that TOM2 released batches of GOLDs every week, and over the times he has released possibly between 500 - 700 GOLD powers!

Okay so ...

At **6.30pm BST** Tom2 had suddenly decided to release his weekly Golds into store;

50 released costing 50,000 xats each.

Now, before the release the price was already low at the cost of 50,500 - 50,800 xats , which is another reason why I've dubbed it the beginning of the downfall.

Here is Confirmation that the power was released!


The price varies between 50,200 - 50,400 xats. 


People on xat_test have been spotted saying that they're scared now of buying the power in the stores;

So there you have it! The power was still quite a decent profit, but not good enough compared to previous months ... but that's what we get for demanding the release all the time!

ALSO ...

There's a new 7 digit Auction that got released. Check one of the bidders at this current time:

Do you see someone awesome beginning with Ai there...? Haha, I'm just kidding! (but check!)

Did you manage to buy yourself a GOLD power? Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the current price and demands!

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