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HAIR2F Release!

Yep, it's that time again.

As Tom2 just LOVES to be biased to people in the U.K, because at **12am BST** he decided to release the newest power , HAIR2F.

There has not been an official announcement via Twitter , but there is a countdown to the power .

NOTE: This power is LIMITED.

The price in stores is 234 xats.

This morning (9am BST) the power is profitable as the cost is between 270 - 300 xats on Trade , but will probably drop later. This is a sequal to the (hairf) power!   

CONFIRMED - I managed to catch one of the releases for the new power , and it's been confirmed that the following amount gets released ...

600 releases costing 234 xats

It's also rumoured that the power gets released every 4 hours , which means 600 x 4 hours x total time = TOTAL RELEASED.

FINAL UPDATES - (Remember , this is a limited power)

There is now a banner to say that the power has been SOLD OUT , so you can now only buy it on Trade! 

Many people have bought the power and currently trying to raise it. It's worked as people are currently buying for 300 - 350 xats

7.17 pm - The price has increased further than last time we checked, but has stayed at 380 - 410 xats , but looks like it could start dropping.

Here are some pics,


Be careful about this power, as you can see that the people who were trying to raise this power are now trying to sell smartly;

As these people have 50+ and are trying to sell low to try and 'profit', other users will notice this and won't buy because the users with alot of the power will end up going lower and lower. This drops the power and makes them lose the xats.



BUT that's not all ...

Yes , that's right. Just like it says above , GOLD had been released after not appearing in Stores last week!

50 released costing 50,000 xats each.

The price this morning has been dropped to around 51,500 - 51,800 xats , and could be dropping more as the day progresses.

Did you buy yourself one of these powers? What do you think of the newest power? Leave comments and let me know! :-)

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