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FOE Unlimited!

At around **8-9pm GMT** last night the new power FOE was finally released as UNLIMITED after the price had risen to 260 - 300 xats on Trade .

PREVIOUSLY: This was the price of the FOE power when it was limited.

Here was me with the power;

Now let's find about the Function of the FOE power ...

  • With this power you will have the option to Add Friend and make them a Foe.
  • The user must be added to your friends list or must have clicked you to make them a Foe.
  • To make a Foe; click the Friends tab or Tickle notifications in chat, click the user, then click Foe.
    • A Friend will have the normal capabilities to PC/PM you when you have NOPC enabled.
    • A Friend will be able to see which chats you are on if you are not using NOFOLLOW.
    • A Foe will have a SKULL pawn on the user list and in the chat; indicating that they are your enemy.
    • A Foe will not be able to break the NOPC or follow you regardless if NOFOLLOW is off.
  • To allow the user to follow and PC you again, click Un-Foe.
  • NOTE: The chat group staff will still be able to private chat with you.
What does the above mean? Here is someone I added already . As you can see , there is a new option available where I can make them my 'FOE' ;

 Although they are your friend , the following is ...
  • They won't be able to Private chat / message you .
  • They can't follow you despite you having Nofollow turned off .

A skull pawn will also appear to know who you made your Foe.

The power also comes along with a hat pawn! (hat#ha) LIMITED TIME ONLY!  

So , what are your views on the new power? I don't think there's any point as we may as well put them on ignore!

 Be sure to leave a comment and let me know!
- Aisha

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